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Let our experts here at Muller's Plumbing help you to determine if a toilet repair or a new toilet installation is necessary. There are many factors in determining what is the right fit for you. For example the age of the toilet or the overall condition of the toilet. We are here to help you make the best decision.

Sometimes all you need is a basic toilet repair. Maybe your toilet is constantly running, or maybe it takes too long for your toilet to fill up with water. You might just need a new flapper, or a fluidmaster for your toilet. We can also offer a new rebuild kit for all the guts inside your toilet tank.

Does your toilet clog up easily. Having a clogged toilet is a nuisance. Maybe your able to unclog it with your plunger. Are you finding yourself doing this more than you want to. Our experts here at Muller's Plumbing are willing and able to come over and determine what the issue is and fix it for you on the spot.

Now in some cases the best decision is to perfrom a new toilet installation not a toilet repair. Maybe the jets inside the toilet are clogged up with sediment due to the age of the toilet and this is preventing the toilet to flush with enough power to remove all debris from your toilet. Our experts will help you determine if a new toilet is the best decision for you. Sometimes repairing an old toilet is not cost effective, here at Muller's Plumbing we thrive to give whats most cost effective for you in the long term outcome.

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100% Worry Free Warranty

All of our new installations come with a 1 year warranty. Our repairs come with a 60 day warranty. Here at Muller's Plumbing your always in good hands.

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Toilet Repair & Toilet Installation-Muller's Plumbing(518) 944-4253

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